Brazil map of Rio de Janeiro

One of the fun things about travelling is getting out a brazil map of Rio de Janeiro and planning where to go on your vacation!

Rio de Janeiro south zone brazil map

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By using the brazil districts map of Rio de Janeiro it’s easier to find the perfect location for your hotel.

If beach is what you want, you may consider staying in the south zone on Copacabana or at Ipanema beach.Or you may even consider staying at Barra de Tijuca which has exellent connections with Rio and a 12 km strip of white beach!

Once the playground of the rich and famous, the south zone is now a mixture of all social classes.

From the glorious Copacabana Palace hotel to the favela (slum city) of Rocinha. Some of the most important places to visit in this zone are the famous wavey pavement and the beach bars of Copacabana beach.

The whole atmosphere is exotic with excellent service with everything laid back. Try out the Emporio bar in Ipanema.

The south zone covers several city neighbourhoods;
Copacabana, Ipanema, Botafogo, Flamengo, Gloria, Catete, Largo de Machado, Laranjeiras, Leblon, Gavea, Lagoa, Jardim Botanico, Leme, Urca, humaita

Rio de Janeiro north zone brazil map

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The north zone of Rio de Janeiro is among other things the home of the famous Maracana stadium which was built for the 1950's world championship in football. The Maracana is currently being remodelled to house the Pan-American cup in 2008.

The north zone is also a residential area of Rio de Janeiro. it can be dangerous to venture here alone as it does not have the benefit of strong survailance like the south zone on Rio. But this is where you see the real Rio.

You'll find hundreds of small street bars where workers gather for a hard earned beer. Usually with a churrasco (barbeque) going aswell.

You'll also find the Rio Zoo, Quintal de boa vista here and several shopping centres.

Oh I almost forgot to mention the Feira de Paraibas in Sao Cristova.This is a typical market from the far north of Brazil. You should try the "carne seca" (dried salt meat), caipirinha, and a dose of the brazilian dance forró here. You'll find many very cheap gifts to buy here, a recommended spot on the Rio de Janeiro map!

Rio de Janeiro west zone Brazil map

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The west zone of the Rio map consist of the cityparts:Jacare Pagua, Barra, Recreio, and some more.

Entering Barra de tijuca is like entering the USA.An urban community copying western culture has arisen here.You'll even find your own statue of liberty. (Allthough not as big).

The western zone is the zone for shopping, shopping and beach. The biggest shopping mall of latin america is located here; Barra shopping which should please any buying heart.

Rio de Janeiro centro Brazil map

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The Rio centro is the old settlement where Rio was first born. It is marked by old colonial buildings from the imperial times under portugal, as more functional buildings by Niemeyer and the time under Vargas the dictator.

Hot spots on the tourist map of Rio de Janeiro here includes; Lapa, Cinelandia, Carioca, Uruguaiana, Praca 15, Castello

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