Rio de Janeiro the marvellous city!
Once you came, you never want to leave!

The city of Rio de Janeiro is situated on the south-east coast of Brazil, at the inlet of Guanabara bay, surrounded by green mountains with the statue of Christ the redeemer embracing the city on one side and the blue crashing waves from the Atlantic ocean on the other.

Rio de Janeiro from it's most beautiful! Christ the Redeemer embracing Rio, surrounded by forrest, mountains and golden sandy Beaches!

However famous for it's vibrating samba in the Rio de Janeiro carnival, often associated with beautiful half naked Brazilian girls, the city has allot more to offer with an enormous wealth in Brazilian culture, tourist attractions and exotic adventure for every kind of traveller be it a family, a romantic couple, singles or back packers.

Over 50 km of white sandy paradise beaches can be explored by sunbathers or explorers, with perfect surf spots for the beginner and the advanced surfer. Copacabana beach is Rio de Janiero's and probably the worlds most famous Brazil beaches and lies only a stroll of 10m from the myriad life in the samba metropolis, with beach bars, coconuts and tropical Brazilian weather!

Rio de Janeiro beaches ! Here showing Leblon beach with 'The Two Brothers' (Dois Irmaos) in the background.

This guide compiles information from local cariocas (Brazilians born and raised in Rio) about brazil carnival, the beautiful girls and women of Rio, the location and secrets of paradise beaches, hotel and apartment reviews, rio de janerio facts and maps, gay guides, how to get around Rio, lots of pictures, the temperature and weather, tourist attractions, night life tips, how to fish in Rio de Jeneiro and of course how to celebrate New Years Eve and Carnival in the RiodeJaneiro dancing city!

All the information you need about getting around Rio de Janeiro and having the best vacation possible. Welcome to Rio de Janeiro!

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Brazil hidden beaches , Rio de Janeiro
Explore Brazil - hidden beaches are scattered along the whole eastern coast of the worlds 5 biggest country in the world. Rio de Janeiro offers more than 50 km of white powdered soft sand. From the crowded Copacabana beach in the city, to remote paradise private beaches like Prainha! It's only you, the green covered jungle mountains and the waves!

Fosfobox best nightclub in Copacabana and Rio de Janeiro on thursdays
The Fosfobox nightclub is one of the new hot locations for night life in Rio de Janeiro. It is a open community (homosexual and heterosexual), dark cellar with alternative decorations and rock / electronic music. Watch out for grumpy neighbours!

Emporio bar in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, night club, rock in Rio
The small bar called Emporio in ipanema is a classic when visiting Rio de Janeiro. It is mentioned in lonely planet and other travel sites, but Emporio has changed allot from the unique alternative rock place it once was

Casa de Matriz, Matrix house nightclub in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro
Casa de Matriz in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro is one of my favourite night clubs of Rio de Janeiro! The place is an entire house with 2 dance floors playing rock and alternative music, many different rooms to chill out in, a game room with the old pac man, a tv room with classic music video and films and several bars with cheap drinks. It's fun to get lost and try to find your friends again, a good way to know new people!

Bunker, Rio de Janeiro night life
The Bunker in Copacabana is a classic night club of Rio de Janeiro that plays varieties of music styles on different days, hip hop, electronic music, rock on two different dance floors, and also has a bed! People gather outside the Bunker in the street, buying beers and Caipirinhas from the small nextdoor bar, "Bem Estar II

Getting around Rio de Janeiro
Offer information on getting around Rio de Janeiro, with taxi prices, Rio bus tables, Metro Rio information, Surf us and Vans advice. All about how to get around Rio de Janeiro

Botanical Garden, Jardim Botanica ; a little piece of Brazil heaven
Jardim Botanico in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is one of the world’s most treasured Botanical Gardens. Acres of towering palms and tropical and subtropical plants are sure to delight!


Fiscal Island Rio de Janeiro, a dazzling jewel of culture and history
Adrift in the Guanabara Bay, Fiscal Island is one of the few remaining icons of Brazil’s Emperor Dom Pedro II. A must see for all tourists to Brazil.

Teatro Municipal; World Class Opera, Ballet and Music in Rio
While in Rio de Janeiro, a must see is a performance at the Teatro Municipal, Brazil’s largest and grandest stage!

Tijuca National Park Rio de Janeiro, home of Christ the Redeemer
Offer information on getting around Rio de Janeiro, with taxi prices, Rio bus tables, Metro Rio information, Surf us and Vans advice. All about how to get around Rio de Janeiro

RIOZOO: Spend a day with the animals at Rio 's Zoological Garden
Located in the historic Quinta da Boa Vista, the Zoological Garden in Rio de Janeiro is home to over 2,500 species of animals including several rare species. RioZoo information

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